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Individual Box Lunch Catering Testimonial

(what you can expect too)

   I’d like to just start with some background on previous experiences we have had with catering.

    We put on corporate meetings once a quarter, and every meeting we cater lunch. We have called upon several other catering companies, most recently *******, and have not been happy with their catering. Our last meeting was terrible, the menu was confusing as heck, the delivery arrived a whole 30 minutes late, and we were missing two sandwiches and three sodas. Needless to say, we haven’t had much luck, and these office meetings are with the company CEO’s!! 

   However, today was a different story.  A very kind delivery man met me on my floor right on time (actually, 15 minutes early) and we took the boxed lunches up to the sixth floor. He made sure I was happy and had everything and left. I then set up lunch and waited for the office meeting to start. When people asked me for silverware or napkins I politely told them, check the box! I was AMAZED with the lunch presentation and how much food you get. I literally did nothing except set everything out, and for a fast paced business like us, we REALLY appreciate the ease. The brownie was HUGE! After everyone ate, I was bombarded with “Where is Best Box Lunches? Do they have a restaurant near me?” and “I can’t believe how good that catered lunch was, my favorite yet”. And better yet, DURING the meeting, my corporate boss caught my eye, pointed to her box lunch, and gave me a thumbs-up. 

THANK YOU, Best Box Lunches, for making us PREMIUM delicious lunches (the potato salad was the bomb!) complete with everything we needed.  We hope you’re ready because we intend to use you guys forever! You will get great references from us. And again, thanks for such GREAT services. Please let me know where I can post reviews about your business. If you can make us this happy, I feel we need to share the wealth!

 Signed- Super Happy Administrative Assistant, Clayton MO

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